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Custom Made Luxury Car Mats by Manicci ‘ Taking Interior Auto Luxury To The Next Level ‘ A Luxurious Combination of Style, Class, Comfort and Protection For your car interior
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Why Choose Manicci

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Manicci products! Interested in ordering high quality luxury leather car mats online but afraid and feel like you want to order from a trustworthy real company who will actually deliver you premium high quality luxury car mats which fit like a glove to your door right? Well …you are at the right place. There are unfortunately now many cheap knock-offs, replicas, copycats and scams online. This is a warning page for those interested in buying luxury styled leather car mats online.

Beware of cheap knock-offs and imitations using less quality materials. They will fall apart and degrade

Based on our experience and being in the industry for 6 + years now, please do NOT buy luxury car mats online unless the “company ” you are considering buying from has ALL of the following details below written on their website and the information is actually VALID. Please do your homework and do not fall for these scams or too good to be prices. In some cases, the prices are even priced fine but they are still frauds and scams so it is getting harder to spot these fraudsters. What generally happens is these fake “companies” will start a new website saying it’s been around for years but you can tell they are very new and scams by looking at their domain on whois.net and their social media channel history. What they do is steal images, videos and content from websites and social media channels like ours and pass the content off as their own. They pretend like they have actual customers when they do not as they just steal our images and videos which were sent to us by our customers. They will sometimes crop the videos and images we own and illegally add their “companies” watermark logo or just use the videos in their stolen state. Social media displays the date images and videos were posted too so you can tell it’s our customers content they stole because we were first to market and posted those images first. In fact, most of the content stolen still clearly shows our signature Manicci badge, so they are showing Manicci mats that have a Manicci logo with the fraudsters watermark logo on the content. It is plain 100% copyright infringement. On many occasions they will also steal text word for word from our website as well. Then, they sell the “car mats” using the images they stole from our website and social media, often for 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of us but some never actually ship any products when you the customer orders from them. If you are one of the lucky ones who actually receive car mats from these “companies” they are very low quality, poor grade, poor fitted cheap car mats that will degrade quickly, nothing like the images and videos convey. In other words, it was A.) either a scam or B.) they ship very cheap one layered car mats that fall apart quick. Either way you lose. 

Ask yourself the following questions before ordering online. The company you are considering ordering from must have ALL of these on their website or you are at risk.

Is there a valid registered Business Number, Incorporation Number OR legal company name listed on their website? If not they are most likely a SCAM!

Is there a valid physical address listed on their website? If not they are most likely a SCAM!

Is there a valid phone number listed on their website? If not they are most likely a SCAM!

Are they set up to collect sales tax on orders? If not they are most likely a SCAM!

Are their prices for mats around or under $100 or too good to be true? If so they are most likely a SCAM or they are very cheap quality knock off mats that will fall apart and degrade quickly! They will often say 40-50% off or factory direct prices etc

Many people have been asking us what makes Manicci different than similar looking mats and competitors online? Here are some reasons why Manicci stands out from the fakes and why you should choose us…….

  • Award winning product (2016 Global Business Excellence Awards winner)
  • 2020 Etsy Design Awards entrant
  • First to market and in operation since 2014 (source WHOIS)
  • Known as “The Original Luxury Car Mat”
  • We have a physical showroom with address
  • We have an 844 phone number and 24/7 text line
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Aim to provide the PCE (perfect customer experience)
  • Fully incorporated and licensed with business number BC1169779 (listed in the footer below)
  • Legal business name is Manicci International 
  • Have a Company Statement of Registration form. It shows our company name is registered in Canada (see below screenshot)
  • Google Verified
  • Manicci mats are Handmade and Hand Stitched
  • Oldest social media pages on the market (check dates images/videos were posted)
  • Manufacture our own Manicci mats in own warehouse with our signature Manicci metal emblem to ensure 100% authenticity
  • Source our product from Italy using top grade materials including our imported Superfine fiber reinforced PU Italian leather
  • 20000+ cars fitted and happy customers worldwide
  • Celebrity endorsed and featured by Scotty Kilmer, Tyga, DJ Pauly D, Charisse Mills, Carson Daly, Golden Giampy, Joey Salads, Riceman, Blu3ice, LBTV, GCM and more…
  • Strong wholesale client list which includes Mercedes Benz of Westchester, Faulkner Maserati of Mechanicsburg, White Glove Auto, Autokosmetx and more…
  • Products tested over 2 years in 2014 using the best materials on the market in temperature controlled environments that can not be beaten on finish
  • Offer Free Worldwide Shipping
  • We do not charge extra for faster/express shipping unlike our competitors
  • 5 Star Reviewed on Etsy and Google
  • Our mats REALLY have 5 quality durable layers
  • Legally set up to collect sales tax
  • Post ACTUAL happy customer submitted images and videos on our social media pages regularly
  • ACTUAL 10000 + Facebook followers, 5000 + Instagram followers and 300+ Youtube subscribers (organically grown)
  • 100 + active affiliates
  • We have an exclusive partnership with USPS International Express
  • We have a Manicci Club 150 –> click here to learn more