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Faux Leather vs Real Leather?

Faux Leather vs Real Leather?

Real leather or faux leather. That is the question we get asked sometimes. First, some history about our company and car mats . Our car mats are tested to make sure each piece is of elite quality and safety guidelines are met. Our car mats were also professionally tested over 2 years using the best materials on the market in actual vehicles during every day use as well as temperature controlled environments. We passed all product tests using a top third party product quality control inspection company we have receipts and reports for.  Now onto the question, Faux leather vs Real leather? Well, the answer may surprise you! All of our Manicci car mats are actually made from a specialized and modified faux leather. We use the highest quality PVC faux leather that is not considered 100% genuine and “real”. We are going to list reasons below why our car mats are using this material and why high quality PVC faux leather is the optimal choice when it comes to our car mats vs the conventional real leather.

In 2014, Manicci performed a 2 year test with different materials to prove our point. We used 100 % genuine leather vs our quality PVC faux leather. Surprisingly the faux leather outperformed the genuine leather over the two year period. We increased the durability even more by forming special durable materials sourced from Italy and the end result was what we proudly use today.

Generally speaking, PVC faux leather also offers a number of other advantages when compared to real leather. It is realistic, fashionable, low maintenance, durable and economical. Our Faux leather is very durable and will last a long time. It can withstand scratches and scrapes that would mar genuine leather. It is not prone to crack or peel like leather. It will also not fade as easily in ultra violet (UV) light and is stain resistant. Today, we have had happy customers from all over the world who have had Manicci floor mats in their vehicles for many years and they are looking still as new as the day they bought them.


-Polyurethane products are recognized as being environmentally friendly, synthetic materials
-No animals are harmed in making the material
-Can be produced in virtually any color, style or pattern
-Poly material is durable
-A high gloss finish can be achieved
-Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
-Requires little maintenance
-Doesn’t crack
-UV fade resistant

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