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Car mats and bootliner Fitting instructions

Car mats and bootliner Fitting instructions

Thank you for your custom we very much appreciate you buying our car mats.

If you can take pictures of your new  car mats in your vehicle and then write a review we would be most grateful and will offer you a $5.00 USD back in return for pictures.  Just contact us via email or Facebook.

Fitting Instructions:

After delivery you may notice that the mats are bent over or have been mishandled by the courier service. If this is the case don’t worry follow the instructions below :

1. Fit your mats in to place in your vehicle, if your mats have it (some don’t), you will see little plastic swivels, these are to hold the mats in place. They fit in behind your vehicle trim.

If you have a bootliner set, hold and place the side wall mats against the shape of the boot area first to find it’s position,  before fixing and sticking the Velcro strips clean the area well. In some cases you may not need to use the double sided Velcro and the mat will stick direct to your vehicle carpet liner using the Velcro strip which is attached to your mats. If your  car interior has been sprayed with a silicone finish or shining product, we would advise using a cleaning product like ‘Einszett plastic/vinyl Cleaner’, then wash the surface down with general warm soapy water (washing up liquid will do), then rinse with clean water. Dry it off with a towel. Then prepare the surface with an alcohol based cleaning wipe and let the surface dry out.

We would then recommend you try a small area first and stick a small square of velcro on the surface to make sure it will hold before committing to the full install.

2. Give the car mats a few days to bed into the shape of your vehicle, it helps to put the heating on around the footwells to help them settle into place better.

3. On some occasions you may see a slight crease affect where the mats have bent over, this should fade over time but keep the foot heating on it and it will fade quicker.

If you have any problems Please contact us :

Thank you and Enjoy Your New Manicci Mats.

Team Manicci



  • Daniyal / 18 March 2017 4:58


    I purchased these for my 2016 Audi A4. They look very nice.

    I am having a bit of trouble keeping them in place. I tried to use the plastic “knobs” by sticking them under the plastic trim but it still doesn’t stay.

    What do you suggest I do?

    • Manicci / 21 March 2017 6:33

      Hi Daniyal!, Thank you for your comment. Can you email us a photo of the area in question to and we will be able to better guide you. PS: Give the car mats a few days to bed into the shape of your vehicle, it helps to put the heating on around the footwells to help them settle into place better. Team Manicci

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