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Manicci Luxury Auto Styling makes unique, elite, leather custom car floor mats and trunk/cargo/boot liners using our state of the art technology for over 1000 different vehicle models. Our luxury car mats are a luxurious combination of style, class, comfort and protection for your vehicle. Our high quality products and excellent customer service has allowed us to win Business Excellence Awards across the globe. With our award winning design, we precisely custom fit each car mat to order to its respective car using your vehicle manufacturer measurements to ensure a perfect fit and because of this, our loyal customers know our long lead times for delivery are worth the wait. Simply put, we are interior, ultra luxury auto styling at its finest and taking interior auto luxury to the next level.
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At Manicci, we provide our customers with luxury car mats of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Until we came along in 2014, the car mat market was ill-equipped to deal with the high demand of customers looking for custom leather floor mats and specialized materials that were not only durable and well-fitting but were also able to provide a bit of personality. We discovered this gap in the market and have since been producing high-quality, luxury car mats for satisfied customers all over the world.

Durable luxury car mats

Floor mats play an important role in a car. First and foremost, they absorb dirt and keep your car’s interior clean. But this means they can experience a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. No matter how good a mat looks, it won’t matter after a few months if it’s made from flimsy material or comes with a cheap lining. The best luxury floor mats are built tough, which is why at Manicci, we use only the most durable leather we can get our hands on.

At Manicci, it has been one of our goals to provide our customers with the best luxury car mats possible, and to do so, we’ve established a range of high-end car mat options. Our luxury car mats are made of strong, durable leather that’s been rigorously tested to make sure it holds up in a range of temperature environments.

Color options

We also understand that a car’s interior says a lot about its owner and that you want to ensure that your leather floor mats match your aesthetic — from unique and distinguished to something more subtle. To help with this, we’ve established a wide range of color options for our luxury floor mats. 

Whether you want to set a vibrant tone with a bright red color option or keep things minimal with a classic black leather look, Manicci can deliver. Feel free to explore our available color options for our premium car floor mats, including:

  • Black Leather Car Floor Mat
  • Red Leather Car Floor Mat
  • Brown Leather Car Floor Mat
  • Grey Leather Car Floor Mat
  • Beige Leather Car Floor Mat
  • Purple Leather Car Floor Mat
  • Blue Leather Car Floor Mat

Luxury fitted car mats

It’s an ambition of ours to ensure our luxury car carpets fit within any type of vehicle. To aid with this end goal, we’ve looked at the best-selling luxury models on the market and ensured our mats fit their specifications. That means we’ve taken into account vehicles and models from a range of manufacturers. Some of the options we offer include:

  •   BMW Leather Floor Mats
  •   Lexus Leather Floor Mats
  •   Mercedes-Benz Leather Floor Mats

Order your premium car floor mats from Manicci today

Our luxury car mats come in a range of styles and options and can be customized to fit your exact needs. Whatever your requirements, please feel free to contact our customer support team and let us know exactly what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to meet and exceed your expectations.


What makes Manicci a luxury car floor mat manufacturer?

To be defined as a luxury product, you need to go through quite a bit of red tape. At Manicci, our leather car mats underwent a long process until they became what they are today. We use premium leather that’s resistant to creasing, tearing, and stiffening — regardless of the environment. Plus, our dyes are resistant to UV rays, which helps them avoid fading over time. This helps us back up our guarantee of providing only the best luxury floor mats on the market.

Can I customize my luxury car mat from Manicci?

Yes, we currently offer customization options for designing luxury leather car mats. This includes coloring and shaping the mats — allowing us to make sure that each mat fits perfectly into whatever vehicle you have. Speak with a member of our team to learn more about our customization options.

How quickly will my luxury car mat arrive once I place my order?

When you buy car mats online through Manicci, all orders are custom made to order and take 5-7 days in the factory to produce. They then ship with tracking after 5-7 days. No changes can be made 24 hours after ordering as they are custom made and we make over 1000 different models .  How soon it arrives depends entirely on your distance from one of our distributors. A customized order can take 5 to 7 days to produce, and then another 14–20 days for the free shipping option or 5–7 days with the express delivery option  — depending on where you live. To get a more accurate time estimate, please get in touch with our team today.